My waters

I fish many bodies of water in Northwest Wisconsin and am familiar with most others.  Although I travel plenty during the course of the year, there are a handful of lakes that I fish regularly and they all produce well. These are some of the lakes/rivers I fish regularly.  Along with these notable waters, there are countless opportunities for all other species across the region and I fish most of them.  Some of the bodies below are highlighted as I fish these most regularly but other waters include Bone Lake, Deer Lake,  Amacoy Lake, Sand Lake, Round Lake, Lake Eau Claire, and some waters in Hayward. 

 *If you are looking to fish a particular body of water in the area, I can certainly meet you and accommodate to fit whatever it is you have in mind. 

Lake Wissota/Chippewa River, Chippewa Co.

With over 6,000 acres of surface area, this Nortwestern Wisconsin water can be a little bit intimidating.  It is an impoundment of the Chippewa River.  Fishing large bodies of water like this can be a challenge, but if picked apart piece by piece, the payouts can be tremendous!  The PMTT championship will be held on Wissota in 2015.   Wissota is trophy fish water.  Some of my largest muskies have come from this lake.  Twenty-five to thirty pounders are not uncommon here.  Wissota gets plenty of boat traffic during the summer days so early morning/late evening trips tend to produce best.

Dairyland Flowage, Rusk Co.

Just outside of Ladysmith lies another river system gem.  This is one of my favorite bodies of water to fish.  Part of the Flambeau River system, it is 1745 acres of trophy musky water. Although it is labeled trophy water, action is very good and multiple fish days are not uncommon here.  We have had shots at up to 8 fish in one day here.

Potato Lake, Rusk Co.

Potato lake is a relatively small body of water at only 534 acres but it puts out some impressive muskies every year.  My largest musky to date (49.5″ and 30lbs) came from Potato.  It is a very fertile lake that develops a heavy algae bloom during summer but with the right presentations and under certain conditions, look out!

Long Lake, Chippewa Co.

This 1052 acre lake is very scenic and has a ton of structure.  From mid-lake rock humps, to heavy weed edges, this lake has a little of everything to offer.  Water here is quite clear so it is not uncommon to see several in a day and night fishing can be good.

Island Lake Chain, Rusk Co. 

This chain is made up of 4 lakes totaling about 1200 acres.  They all produce good musky action with an average size structure.  Again, these lakes are pure structure from top to bottom and all of them are a little different from the others.  If one lake isn’t producing, we can hop right over to the next.  High boat traffic during the days of summer make early morning/late afternoon trips a good option.

Holcombe Flowage, Chippewa/Rusk Co.

Nestled in the north woods of Rusk County is another Chippewa River Flowage.  Holcombe is 3890 acres of basins, sloughs, bays, and islands.  It is labeled as trophy water and labeled as the best chance at a trophy fish in Chippewa county.  The walleye bite on this body can be very good as well.