Multi-species Trips

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If you are looking for several different angling opportunities in one, I can accommodate it.  I have some great spots around the region where it is not uncommon to catch 3-4 different species in one outing.  Largemouth and Smallmouth action can be good all year long as can the northern pike action.  In early spring, my primary focus is for bass, northern, and panfish but it is also at this time that we can really get into the walleyes, especially when they make their annual spawning runs up the numerous river systems in the surrounding area.  Once the cool spring gives way to warmer waters in June and July, the catfish activity picks up.  If you are looking for a fun, aggressive fish pound for pound, catfish are it.  It is not uncommon to catch cats up to 20 lbs in the Chippewa River system and Lake Wissota.  I will provide all of the rods and tackle you will need but if you have gear of your own that you wish to use, I welcome you to do so.  Full day trips will include an optional lunch break depending on location.  Lunch will be each individuals responsibility but  I will always have water and snacks.

Additional items you need to bring:

  • Valid Wisconsin fishing license
  • Raingear and appropriate clothing for the days weather
  • Sunglasses (Preferably polarized)
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera or phone (I will always have mine)


Half day (4-5 hrs): $200  good for up to 2 people

Full day (7-9 hrs):  $300  good for up to 2 people

**Cost of live bait is in addition to guide fee

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New for 2015: Kayak Trips

I am excited to announce that this year, I will be offering kayak fishing trips.  There are numerous lakes and rivers in Northwest Wisconsin that are some real gems but don’t allow for conventional boats and motors.  What I have been doing the past several years is pulling kayaks into these places and boy am I glad I did.  Unpressured fish are a rarity and when you find something like this the action is intense!  Below are a few highlight pictures from Kayak trips last year.

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**All kayak trips will begin with a briefing on how to operate a kayak and safety tips and tactics.  **All fishing out a kayak will be done while wearing a life jacket.